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1. Read the Alinsky excerpt. You don’t need to summarize, but use it to explain how the other
readings either utilize or challenge the ideas in it.

2. Summarize the Rojas and Cara articles (1.5 page)

Be sure to address:
a. What is Rojas’s critique of the “non-profit” system
b. How does Rojas think internalized hierarchies have hurt social movements?
c. What are the principles of autonomous organizing that Rojas identifies as important?
How are their similar or different from CARA’s principles on addressing violence
without law enforcement?
d. How do both the Rojas and CARA article seem to agree or disagree with the Alinsky
e. What do you think of these approaches?

3. Read the Koyama piece and SKIM the YWEP report. (.5 pages)

Explain: What seem to be the principles and philosophy around a harm reduction
approach to organizing? Do you think of this approach? How do you think it is similar or
different from Rojas, CARA or Alinsky?

4. Write a 3/4-1 page reflection on the ideas of the class. Which ideas did you most agree with or
find most helpful and why? What ideas did you dislike and why? How have you connected the
ideas together for yourself? Were there any important ideas that were not included in the class
that you should have been? If so, why? (Note: I’m asking not so much for feedback on the class
here, but your engagement with the ideas of the class. If you would also like to provide more
general feedback on the class, that’s welcome. BUT be sure to first devote a page to engaging the
ideas of the class first.)

articles 1,2,3,5 uploaded

article 4:

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