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Final, Edited Research Proposal

Your completed proposal combines all individual portions of your research proposal into one document. The document should be edited based on the instructor’s comments and any changes that you would like to make after completing the semester. Beyond those revisions, consider how to make the completed proposal read as a single piece of work, which may include the removal of introduction and conclusion paragraphs from some of the individual sections of the proposal so that it does not sound redundant. The complete proposal should have a single references section at the end of the document that contains the full citations for each work cited in the text.


The completed proposal should be about 15-20 pages. It must be double-spaced with 12-point font. It should have a title page and a references section as the final section of the proposal. Your grade for this assignment will be based not only on the overall quality of the proposal, but also the improvement that has been made since the individual sections of the proposal were submitted. The final proposal should be organized as follows:


Literature Review

Theoretical Framework



Reference List


Final Proposal

-you may have to also add transitions in between your sections so that it reads like one cohesive document

-you might have to add a paragraph in between the literature review and theoretical framework that ends the lit review that sums that up and introduces the theoretical framework

– no first person

-you’re still using third person throughout

-formal academic tone

-you’re also using APA format for your citations and that applies to your in text citations and your reference list

-make sure that you’re following APA format

-once you have Incorporated all the feedback

Order of your final proposal


– literature review

-theoretical framework




– Each section has feedback with revisions needed, except for theoretical framework

-My variables from the codebook are

-Juveniles 10-17 years old

-Q78 behavior of friends

-Q81 more likely to use marijuana

-Kids that have delinquent friends are more likely to use marijuana

-Feedback is uploaded on each attachment. The submission should incorporate all of the feedback from prior drafts. You are also adding transitions between sections. Be sure that any APA formatting errors and grammatical errors have been corrected.


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