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Main post 300 words minimum. Due by the end of the day Wednesday. Respond to two classmates (50 words minimum each) by the end of Sunday.

After your reflection, visit the resources in the forth section of your left-hand navigation bar of this class. It looks like this:

According to your reflection on how life gets in the way, list which resources might be valuable to you in helping you get through those moments?

Explain why you feel these particular resources may benefit you in the future. Explain how you plan to use at least one of the resources, maybe more. Do you have any questions about these resources?

Lastly, describe a resource you wish existed. What particular resource do you think would help you the most in your college studies? (Perhaps it exists and you don’t know about it.)

respond 1

Growing up I use to be a very shy child and a real book worm, I always felt I connected more to the characters in the book then I did with real people. Of course I am not as shy as I once was but I do still feel I connect more with books then I do with people, so for me the resource that helps me the most is the library resource. The library resource just seems to always have all the answers, if you have a question or concern about anything, especially with events from the past you can just search up an article, a book and you will most likely find the answer. The other great part about the library resource, is that for the most part a librarian is available to chat with you and help you find whatever it is you are looking for. For the people who are extremely shy this tool helps so much because you aren’t actually face to face with anyone. I will continue to use the library resource, as well as the math and writing center. I have yet to use the math center but I know it will come in handy for my next year courses. I have used the writing center and I found it to be very helpful so I will continue to use that as well. A resource that I wish existed is probably like a mommy resource support group. As mothers we can motivate each other and answer any question we have either a question about our current class we are taking or just a question about life itself. Life really does get in the way because of many different reasons and a support group would really help motivate people and remind them that they are not alone. There are so many people in the same situation that they are in.

respond 2

When growing up, it was hard for me to get the support I needed during school. I had always been one to forget their assignment and not do well in certain classes. The following resources that would have helped me during the difficult times in school when life got in the way is: the online library tools and the writing and math center. I struggled during school with time management and math a lot. I was to afraid to talk to my teachers because I did not want them to look down on me for being a terrible learner. I felt my writing was decent, but I know there could have been better information I could have found for my essays. With these support resources, it’s my belief that they can help those who are in similar distress. The staff seem to understand the feeling of not knowing what to write or how to work out a math problem and they can encourage you to push through your frustrations. I find that the Discussion Board and the Library resources would benefit me more throughout my school year. The discussion board has a thread where us students can ask questions regarding any topic of the course and others can help one another seek answers for that individual. The library resource is another resource that would be good to help those needing help. With this resource, an individual is able to contact a librarian or research a book, journal, and magazine that will help them with their writing. One resource that I wish existed would be an online study group for the class that the students are taking. I feel that this would help individuals that are not feeling very confident in their writing and ask others what sources or information they need to add to make their essay better.

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