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APA Format 6 pages will provide textbook.

Please respond to the following questions. Refer to the grading criteria in the Start Here section for directions.

1. Summarize, in detail, common sleep problems and disturbances in early childhood, including bedwetting.

2. Describe the common health risks of early childhood (including accidental injuries and death), and describe how environmental influences can impact health.

3. Summarize the typical sequence of language development and describe how language delays, preparation for literacy, and exposure to media sources impact these processes.

4. Discuss the impact of early childhood education and intervention programs on development.

5. Discuss the key features, developments and limitations during Piaget’s preoperational stage of development.

6. Describe changes in the understanding of and feelings about the self, and discuss how this impacts emotional development. Make sure to outline the importance of self-concept and self-esteem.

7. Summarize and contrast the different theories of gender development. Which theory of gender development makes the most sense to you and why. Provide a rationale for your selection. Differentiate between gender roles, gender stereotypes and gender-typing.

8. Summarize different forms of parental discipline and parenting styles. Identify which parenting style you were raised with and how it impacted your development.

For the purposes of this class, APA format includes:

1. Your responses are double-spaced
2. You use appropriate in-text citations
3. Works cited or reference sheet, alphabetized by author’s last name – web links ARE NOT sufficient
4. Indented paragraphs
5. Font size / type (12 pt / Times New Roman)
6. Third-person (except where your opinion is asked)

7. 1″ margins

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