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Question #1:

Please read the article by clicking on the link,( ) “Are boys better than girls at math?” and then pick out a specific point made in the article to discuss or present your views or reactions on that point. For instance, you could discuss why you think a particular result was found, the implications for a particular result, what can be done, if anything, to improve any difference in math scores between the sexes, etc.

Write your response and then comment on the student response #1 regarding this topic.

Student response #1:

In the fourth paragraph where it says “Two of the factors above,” The difference between age and the type of math can effect each gender differently. As you get older, you tend to forget what you learned most of in school and when taking college classes at an old age, you may forgot the simple math problems whether your a boy or a girl. Pitting a young math college student against an old math college student can lead to different results. Sure, even if you give each person a week to study, they still won’t have the exact same answer when a homework assignment is due or a math test comes on. Some schools or higher education do this now, but they give you a handicap if that old person is needed of help and even struggling younger students who are not “faking it.” I only say faking as if that student doesn’t have a note from a doctor or a trustworthy parent. So, I believe the older you get, the more you forget unless you have notes and can receive help if so needed.

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