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Reading two essays written by international students and watch a video “Master class with Prof. Higgins”. Answer the following question:

1. What is your impression of the two student essays? What do the students (writers) have in common? In what way are they different?

2. After watching the video,

What is happening in the classroom? What is the atmosphere like?

How is the Professor interacting with the students? What questions does she ask? How does she react to the students’ responses? Can you give examples of how she formulates her questions and comments? What is her body language like?

How are the students participating in the class activity? How are they reacting to the instructor’s comments/questions? What does it take to take part in this discussion?

Do you think these students are learning something? What makes you think so?

Do you think the instructor is teaching? What makes you think so?

Can you imagine yourself in this classroom? How would you feel in such an environment?

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