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Benton, W.C. Jr. (2014). Purchasing and supply chain management (3rd ed.). Retrieved from

Materials Management

Materials management is the process in which materials are converted into final goods. There is an important relationship between material requirements planning, capacity planning, and inventory management. Analyze these relationships and provide examples from professional experience and/or text examples to support your views.

Just in Time

The “Just in Time” or “JIT” purchasing process is becoming more popular as a strategy for firms across the globe. Identify two or three purchasing benefits described in the text. Identify a project that could be implemented to meet these benefits from professional or text examples. Consider why a project manager would need to have knowledge of JIT, and how it is important to organizations today.

Purchasing Cycle

The purchasing department is a vital component of the entire purchasing cycle. Identify the steps in the conventional purchasing cycle and describe the differences between buying and purchasing. Provide examples from the text and/or your professional experiences. Give at least one specific example where companies have implemented technologies to streamline the purchasing process.

Supplier Evaluation

There are three general types of supplier evaluation described in the text in Chapter 8. Choose one method and describe the details of the method. Use examples from the text and/or your professional experience on advantages and disadvantages of the system.

Strategic Alliances

Evaluate the need for a strategic alliance among supply chain partners. Provide an example from the text and/or your professional experience of a successful strategic alliance. Provide a benefit of this partnership and how a project manager can use this strategy in a project involving purchasing and supply management.


Analyze one quality award or initiative that is described in the text in Chapter 12 and give an overview of the process. Provide an example of a company that uses the quality process and how it has helped their organization with new business and market share. Use at least one outside reference to support your answer.

Bargaining in Project Management

Bargaining is a powerful tool for project managers at every level of the project. The text describes the importance of price between the buyer and the seller in relation to purchasing and supply management. The buyer wants the price generally to be low, and the seller wants the price to be high. Describe an example where a project manager must use the power of bargaining when working to complete a project on time and on budget. Provide professional examples where possible or outside research to support your views.

Interpersonal Communication

Negotiation is one critical interpersonal skill that a project manager needs to use during the project lifecycle. Analyze the components of the interpersonal skills in the multimedia assignment this week, and the planning components from a buyers and sellers perspective. Provide the skills that an effective project manager needs to have to have effective negotiation skills. Provide professional examples where possible, and information from the text or external resources.

Service Sector

Read the article, “’s Matt Barrie on how to Monetise 5 Billion People. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” Discuss the following:

a.As the article points out, the service sector is growing not only within the United States, but globally. What services might a project manager be able to utilize from a global workforce using the Internet?

b.What benefits might be available when procuring material for a project from a global supply base?

Critical Path

The Critical Path Method is a fundamental topic for all project managers to understand. Provide examples of a project you have been involved with or read about in the text, and what impact the critical path can have on that project. The initial post should be 200-400 words.

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