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With this assignment you will view the sources provided and compose a response that addresses plagiarism in dance. Using provided evidence, students will consider whether or not plagiarism exists within the given situation. Students will formulate an opinion and use evidence from the sources to support their opinion.

Please answer the following within your response:

  1. After watching the videos, what similarities and differences did you identify between Beyonce’s Countdown and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Rosas Danst Rosas and Achterland? Please discuss these similarities and differences by providing evidence from the sources provided.
  2. Within the interview provided, Beyonce and her creative director respond to allegations of plagiarism with the following phrase, “I brought Beyoncé a number of references and we picked some out together. Most were German modern-dance references, believe it or not. But it really evolved…” The two appear to imply that plagiarism did not exist in this case. After viewing the videos, do you believe plagiarism exists in this situation? Explain your answer.
  3. Society seems to imply that movement cannot be plagiarized. Discuss ways in which you might challenge or question this perspective.
  4. In the realm of dance, what do you believe is considered plagiarism? Explain your response using evidence from the sources provided.
  5. After completing this assignment, in what ways do you view dance and/or plagiarism differently? Explain your answer.

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