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  1. Business productivity and cost reduction were
    the top concerns by a wide margin among the top five (5) management concerns.
    Give your opinion on whether or not you agree with this assertion. Justify your

  2. Select two (2) out of the top five (5)
    management concerns that you believe is the most important. Then, select one
    (1) out of the five (5) most influential ITs that you believe would support the
    top management concern that you previously selected. Next, analyze whether or
    not changing your management concern would impact the IT that you chose.
    Justify your response.

(The top five management concerns are
(1) business productivity, (2) IT and business alignment, (3) business agility
and speed to market, (4) business process reengineering , and (5) IT
reliability and efficiency). 

(The five most influential ITs are:
(1) business intelligence, (2) cloud computing, (3) enterprise resource
planning, (4) software as a service, and (5) collaboration and workflow tools).

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