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I need at least a 6
sentence response to the 2 discussion posts below. No need for references unless
you are quoting something directly. Would prefer someone who has access to the
textbook “Great Traditions in Ethics” 12e, ISBN-13:97849509498-2
since this posting is in response to On Hobbes, Chapter 8” of that book. What I
need is a direct response to the post below. One for Jane and one for Joe. For
example: Hi Jane, I also believe that Hobbes believes
that through his psychological theory … Something along whose lines.  Thank you!

Remember, below are 2 separate discussion posts. I need 2 separate responses to both. So that is at least 6 sentances for each. 

Post from Jane-  Hello Class, Hobbes promoted that an
all-powerful sovereign as the best form of government and the only one that can
guarantee peace. He believed the all individuals rights would be best served
through a social contract with this sovereign when he states “I authorize, and
give up, my right  of governing myself,
to this man, or this assembly of man, on this condition, that thou give up thy
right and authorize all his actions in a like manner.” (p.90) Hobbes believes
that through his psychological theory that under natural law all people are
selfish and out for themselves. He believed that good and evil were transient
and relative to the individual. Hobbes believed that in man’s natural state,
moral ideas do not exist. A thing could be good, evil, or neutral all at the same
time depending on an individual’s point of view. Hobbes believed that all
phenomena in the universe can be explained in terms of the motions and
interactions of things that attract or appetites or aversions or things we want
to avoid, our interpretation of good and evil. Because of this he thought
people cannot rule themselves because self-interest would get in the way. I
disagree with Hobbes, in that his theory is absolute, and that there is no
selfless acts done by individuals, and that it goes against his state of
nature. Some people perform selfless acts all the time that shift life
sustaining resources from them to another with no reasonable expectation of
gain and possibly to their own detriment.

Post from Joe-  Hobbes argues that all
humans are selfish and out for themselves. He believed that society was a way
controlling the people and giving them order. He argues that man in his natural
state will only do what is good for himself, forsaking all others. He believes
his wants, desires, and his will is uncontrollable because he does not know
right from wrong. Man only knows what he desires and wants. He believes that man
I’m his natural state is only governed by self preservation. Hobbes writes
“To this war of every man, against every man, this is also consequent;
that nothing can be unjust. The notions of right and wrong, justice and
injustice have there no place. Where there is no common power, there is no law:
where no law, no injustice. Force, and fraud, are in war the two cardinal
virtues. Justice, and injustice are none of the faculties neither of the body,
nor mind. If they were they might be in a man that were alone in the world, as
well as his senses, and passions. They are qualities, that relate to men
society, not solitude.” (P 96) Hobbes is saying that man knows no laws, no
rights, no wrongs until society places those ideals in a mans mind. I would
disagree that a man is selfish and if left to his own devices he would be
destructive to others. I believe that this is actually a trait of civilized
society. History is littered with examples of civilized societies expanding and
forcing their will, thoughts, and desires on peaceful communities. These so
called civiliized societies with men and women of reason and high morals
pillaged many a harmonious people. You would think that these societies with
reasonable men and women would no justice and injustice. Instead they hid
behind reason and morality to justify heinous acts against fellow humans.

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