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Assignment Introduction

Transnational Corporations, or TNC’s, have been a driving force of globalization.  In this course, you will be conducting in-depth research into a single TNC and how it has influenced, and been influenced by, globalization.  In this assignment, you will survey several TNCs before selecting one that you will study for the rest of the quarter.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Review at least 7 websites from the Research Resources page under the Course Resources module.  Try to view a broad selection from the different categories on the page.


1. Submit a short statement (at least 1 paragraph) that answers the questions below.  At the top of the page, type the name of the company you will be researching in bold print.

 a) What are one or two of the more interesting things you found looking at the links on the Research Resources page?  Did you find anything unexpected or surprising?


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