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Read these 2 postings and respond substantively to them. 1 paragraph each.

1. SmartWater is a brand of bottled water produced by the Glaceau Company. The Glaceau Company is subsidiary of Coca-Cola, is based in New York City and they also produce Vitamin Water. According to the website SmartWater is “procured from municipal water systems” also known as tap water. Next comes filtering using Glaceau’s process that removes everything from the water. Lastly, electrolytes calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate for taste value. There is nothing in the water that makes it “smart.” It is shocking the Glaceau Company has found a way to purchase tap water for $0.002/gallon, clean it up and sell it for more than $5/gallon. The plastic bottles that SmartWater is packaged in are FDA approved, food grade PET1 plastic. They do not contain bisphenol-a (bpa) or fluoride. Being introduced to the background information about SmartWater and the Glaceau Company does not change my liking for the water. The taste is great and the plastic does not contain fluoride, which is toxic and has many negative side effects. A more economical option would be for me to purchase a water purifier and drink the tap water that I am consistently paying for anyway. The additional cost for the water bottle would be eliminated.

2.I went through most of the products in my house and realized that the grand majority of them had been bought at Trader Joes, a store that I regularly go to. It is an American, privately held chain of specialty grocery stores based in California, however, the owners of the company is a Germany family trust, established by Aldi Nord Corporation.  It turns out that this said company is no more than a global discount supermarket chain with almost 10,000 stores in 18 countries. I was very surprised to find that Trader Joes, a supermarket advertised as being foundationally American, was created by a German group.

Another product researched on was my favorite scarf my Target, which was made, as I suspected, in China. Though this country is one of the main locations of manufacturing, Target creates products in more than 50 other countries all of which are required to follow their standards for how to treat workers and care for the environment. I am skeptical about these standards as no law- founded document is listed as being the foundation for their treatment of their employees in these countries.

These advertised American companies which are very popular in their respective markets both demonstrate relatively discrete methods of hiding certain aspects about either their foundation or creation of their products.  A fact which in itself is negative but which is also unavoidable in the society that we

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