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Collaboration and professionalism go hand-in-hand.  There are five areas of focus that make up the Collaboration Commitment for many No Excuses University Schools.  Additionally, because candor does not come naturally to most, it needs to be taught and practiced through “candid collaboration.” 

Candor gets more people in the conversation, and when you get more people in the conversation you get idea- rich.” – Jack Welch”  

  1. Reflect on the five areas of focus that make up the collaboration commitment for many NEU schools. How has/may your viewpoint of collaboration change after reading these commitments? What ideas do you have for implementing these in your own professional setting? How would it benefit your team to establish similar commitments?
  2. The author uses the example of why Geese fly in the “V” pattern that they so often do. Are you flying in the V?  What is it that holds you, your team, and your school back from creating an exceptional system for collaboration? 
  3. What are your strengths as a team member; what are your weaknesses?
  4. Complete the Teaching Style Survey (Grasha-Riechmann) and share a reflection of your results (Optional). 

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