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Question A: This chapter helps us explore how we perceive the social world.  We do take 4 specific steps to perceive the social world, with the first step being Priming.  How would you explain Priming and the other 3 steps we take to perceive the social world? Which do you think is most crucial?  Please explain.

Question B: What is the relationship between attitudes and behavior?  Please explain your answer and provide an example that supports your answer.

Question C: According to our text, what is attribution theory?  What is the difference between dispositional and situational attribution?  Do you tend to use dispositional or situational attribution most when explaining the behaviors of others?  Please give an example.

Question D: 

The discussion on intuition brings up that many of us
think we are using intuition/trusting our gut, yet there are many things for us
to consider before we can say that trusting our intuition is always
right.  It is not always right…and what we may be calling our
“intuition” has many layers to it.
Many factors play a part in our judgments/decisions…and what we may term as
our intuition or “gut.”. The following article may give you a
different perspective on intuition and whether we should always trust our
intuition or “our gut.”

After reading the article, answer the following:

What points does the author make about being cautious with intuition? What
points do you agree or disagree with? Explain.

After reading the article, have your thoughts about “trusting your
gut,” (your intuition) changed? If so, how?

Here is the link to the article (please copy and paste into your browser).

Question E: Explain how individuals rationalize their behavior, using cognitive dissonance theory.

Question F: Discuss how behavior can be explained using attribution theory.

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