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The object I pick is

Title: Boy on a Ram

Artist/Culture: Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Origin: Spain

Date: 1786–1787


First of all, these sources cannot be blogposts, newspaper pieces, or encyclopedia entries. For example, essays on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heilbrunn Timeline are encyclopedic: useful for background, but unacceptable for this assignment.

Second of all, at least four of your sources must be in English.*

Third of all, they must all fall into the following categories:

– (at least 1) peer-reviewed articles in academic journals or chapters from books published by academic presses

– (at least 1) entire books published by academic presses
– (at least 1) museum or exhibition catalogues (we will cover what these are in lecture)**

Finally, I must acquire at least 1 hard-copy document (not digital) in one of the categories above. So please give me a full PDF sources for me to print

– The best general databases include:,, and Academic Search Complete. If you are using these databases off-campus, please first login to the ARTIC proxy server at is great for finding books to research further and for investigating footnotes. Find at least five sources of information about the object’s context that are scholarly.

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