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The Prompt

The textbook states, “Informal communications shared among individuals in a company are prepared as emails, instant messages, text messages, or memos. In a business setting, correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and professional tone are required in all messages to portray professionalism and to gain/maintain respect among supervisors and peers.” Read the scenario below and answer the questions below.

Imagine you are the instructor of a Health care Customer Service course. On the first day of class, a student speaks with you before class. He shakes your hands and introduces himself: “Hello, Ms. Jones. My name is Matthew Anderson. I’m really looking forward to your class. I’m a business major, but I’m thinking about being a double major in Medical Office. If I have any questions this semester, would it be ok if I emailed you about them or do you prefer a different way of getting in touch?” As you wrap up your conversation, he says, “Oh, by the way, here’s a copy of my disability support services accommodations letter. I’ll be using a few accommodations in your class, and you can contact either me or the disability office if you have any questions about them.”

Answer the following questions:

  • Why does communication matter?
  • What type of first impression has Matthew made on you, as the instructor of this course?
  • What is that first impression based on?
  • What might you predict Matthew will be like during the rest of the semester based on your first encounter with him?


* Your entire answer should be no less than 150 words.
* PLEASE write in your OWN words, NO sources needed for this.
* Plagiarism will NOT be accepted.

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